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A collection of jade in the hall 《Sakyamuni jade Reclining Buddha》 Rare treasure, 380cm in length, 135cm in width, 140cm in height and weighing up to ten thousand jin, is made by the famous abbot, master Yanke, and the state-level master of Arts and crafts, Mr. Fang Wentao. It's a work full of jade. The Buddha statue is made of xundustan jade. The jade is clear and bright, and the lipid is condensed, and the hand feels warm. It adopts the unique skills such as relief, vertical carving, water grinding, etc. used by the imperial court.


01.Select the main stone|Select the most satisfying diamond
02.Sharing stories|Talk about the idea of wedding ring
03.Extract elements|Designers extract Memorial elements
04.Participatory design|Design original ring care
05.Anticipate|Design starts, please wait patiently